Friday, July 26, 2013

Just wanted to share...

I recently found this article and I wanted to share it. Check it out. I've completely changed projects and gone from writing women's fiction to writing children's picture books. My children inspired some funny, creative scenerios just by being themselves and I can't wait to share them with you! I am at a crossroads of do I pursue self-publishing or attempt traditional publishing? There are a lot of aspects about my books that I don't want to lose control of if I were to go with a traditional publisher, but do I have the time and stamina to attempt the entire publishing process on my own, financially, emotionally, physically. I've been doing tons of research, but I would love your feedback! Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Life's Little Surprises

I’ve been absent from my blog for some time but for good reason. I had a baby who had some challenges. And I had a lot of family injuries too. All within about six months. And it became A LOT to deal with. I was lucky to get through the day some days with everyone bathed, including myself. But going through the fire helped put things into perspective. Life dishes out all sorts of things. Good and bad. Little surprises, some not so little I suppose. But with the right perspective, it was all manageable. I kept reminding myself of how my situation could have been worse. Because it could have been SO much worse. And then I was grateful that it wasn’t. And that thought alone would get me through the day. I relate it to a baby learning to walk. Moving from one end of the room seems unimaginable at first. But he takes one step, then another. Just like life’s surprises. At the time it may seem impossible to make it, but step by step, you succeed. You get through one day, then another, then another. And just when you are getting a stride, you get knocked down again. Just when that baby thinks he’s got this walking thing, he stumbles and falls. But he doesn’t give up. And you don’t give up. He gets up, you get up, brush it off, and take a new step. And another. And another. And you may fall again. He may stumble again. But he wants to get to the other side of the room. And you will get through the day, the week, the month or the year without a set back. And pretty soon, the baby is on the other side of the room, all by himself, without falling once, and then he is running through the yard, and those first few times, when he stumbled and fell are a distant memory the he doesn’t even remember. And looking back at all those setbacks I endured the past year are behind me. I often wonder how I made it, because it was a struggle, but we survived. And we are all healthy, happy and better for it. Life is about perspective. And I am so grateful for all that I have. Thanks for sticking with me and not giving up on me. It’s good to be back.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everything happens for a reason...

I've been absent for some time. Since I last posted I found out I was pregnant, moved, had a baby and well, there actually is no way I can explain all that has happened here. If you would like to read the whole story, check out this blog. Thanks for always being so supportive and encouraging.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Back!

: Live with intention, Walk to the edge, Listen hard, Practice wellness, Play with abandon, Laugh, Choose with no regret, Continue to learn, Appreciate your friends, Do what you love, Live as if this is all there is. ~Mary Anne Hershey

Its been four months since I blogged. Part of me feels guilty. Part of me feels vindicated. I have good reason.

Blogging had become a drain for me. A drain for my time. A drain for my words. And not because blogging is a bad thing, or a drain in and of itself, but the way I managed my blog was not very efficient. Therefore, the best thing I could do was quit cold turkey. At least for a little while.

So the last time I posted I had been rejuvenated in writing my book and I'm proud to say I finished it the middle of May. The 15th to be exact. May 15 became my last and final goal. I had set and reset the damn goal I don't know how many times, but I finally got to the point in the story I could see the end. I could feel it and the momentum grew. In fact, I wrote over 15,000 that last week alone.

So now its revision time. Edit and revise. Edit and revise.

And some other news, during that time I finished my book, I also received word that I'd been accepted into the Aspen Writer's Foundation Summer Words Program. I've never attended a conference or workshop of any sort and I had no idea what to expect.

I think I can safely say that my expectations were blown away. It was a fantastic opportunity and I brought home many treasures. I studied with best selling author Elinor Lipman and ten other fabulous fellow authors. Its always interesting what you learn during trips like that, away from home. I learned that I can pick up after myself quite well, and the messy house is not my fault. I learned that I like to get up early for a job I love. I learned that not everyone has the same opinion about my book or writing style that I do. But I also learned that there are still a lot of good and wonderful people in the world and I can't wait to meet more of them!

And I learned to never, ever give up. Although I knew that, but its always good to be reminded.

Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.

Happy Tuesday everyone. And I missed you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Like Riding A Bike

QUOTE OF THE DAY: There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. ~Louis L'Amour

Ever have one of those days when you finally woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed and the coffee is already made and you got an unexpected check in the mail for some unknown reason? What does that mean? That all the stars are aligned correctly and in your favor? Maybe you should go out and buy a lottery ticket?

I didn't have one of those days today, but I did have a revelation this week. My flow came back.

I have been blocked at a certain point in my WIP that I couldn't get past. So I gladly did the dishes, vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathroom and did ten loads of laundry because that all NEEDED to get done NOW, or so my non-creative brain told my creative brain. (because I have two you know)

I knew what was going to happen in the story, I just didn't know how to say it. And that fear stopped me. I didn't give up, necessarily, but I procrastinated. Like you do when you have to pay the bills and you don't want to. Its painful, heartbreaking and you have no idea how much good stuff you'll have in the end.

But guess what? I forced myself to sit and plunge through that scene, (which came out beautifully I must say) and what has flowed since then has knocked me off my feet. I can't stop now. I am itching at every possible second to sit down and continue my story. I feel like I've been given new life. Hee hee! Reborn!

I know. It sounds silly. But it has been so uplifting for me. And I knew it all along. The point is to Just. Do. It. Even when you don't think you have anything to say, just sit down and write.

Guess what else helped me to get through it?

I've written the last 3000 words by hand. In a special notebook I bought just to write in. So I can write ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. I always have my story with me to write 20 words or 2000. Its almost freeing. Like when you learned to ride a bike.

That's my good news story of the day. I hope you have a good news story today too!