Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fire in the Soul

Following is a short blurb regarding my novel:

What happens when you set fire to a pizza box in your oven? Ella Steel is about to find out by having her already chaotic life as a single mom turned upside down by Captain Jack Piper of the local fire department. Ella is trying to get a grip on her life after her deadbeat ex-husband abandons her, her sleazy boss sexually harasses her, she encounters numerous financial pitfalls, child induced emergencies, and drama from her mischievous dog, JJ, all the while, trying to get her best friend married. When Ella's son disappears at the reception, she must overcome her trust issues and faith in the male gender in order to find him.

Ella is a native to Fort Collins, Colorado and is struggling to get her life back on track; whether it be the right track or the wrong track, she doesn't care, as long as she can start moving in some direction again! Jack has no idea what he is getting himself involved in when he shows up to aid Ella on that fateful day, but the stars have aligned them for the ride of their lives. There is a little heat, a lot of chemistry, and too much sexual tension between them that Ella fights with everything she's got as her battle begins with finding herself again and learning to trust in others.

Fire in the Soul is a sweet, sexy story of having the strength to survive the past, courage to face the future and faith in others to help along the way.


  1. is this your query (short synopsis)? I think it works well! Good job ;) When's the big day to start sending it out?...

  2. Well, originally it was March 1, but obviously we are passed the goal. I'm still tweaking the first chapter, but soon I know it will be time to just let it go and see what happens!