Friday, December 17, 2010

Take A Break

The secret to success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. ~Benjamin Disraeli

I blogged before about my need to read to feed my creativity. I've been reading a lot lately. I've revisited Sidney Sheldon and Nicholas Sparks. I read THE CHRISTMAS SWEATER by Glenn Beck and was reminded of the true meaning of Christmas once again. What are you reading? Please give me some suggestions!

I belong to a writer's group (the best group in the world if you ask me), NoCo Writer's Group (I know, a little generic - name to change soon - leave suggestions if you have any!) and NoCo is sponsored by Colorado Cultural Arts Society, an non-profit organization that supports a variety of the arts. CCAS sponsored a Holiday Story Contest, and I took the leap! It was fun and challenging as the story could only be 1500 words long. Do you know how hard that is? To put together a full, detailed, engaging story in 1500 words or less?

It was a good exercise as it forced me to focus, edit and revise. I will keep you all posted as to how it does. The winners will be posted on CCAS and you can read all about them there!

I hope all your holiday preparations are going smoothly!


  1. I can barely say "Good morning" in less than 1500 words.

    And you're right, it is good exercise to write within constraints, whether they be length, or theme, voice -- whatever.

  2. Thanks Rick. It was a great experience. Exercises like those just make us better writers!

  3. I must have been a marketing writer for too long; my retelling of War & Peace would be <100 words...

    Right now I'm finishing up Born To Run, which I could whittle down as well....

    Running = living. Shoes suck. Tarahumara lead the way, from out past to our future.

    Or even more succinct....
    Run daily. Barefoot.

  4. Well said Joel! And that is still creative and engaging and well ... short. But sweet! Then we go to the novel length writing where you have to write 60,000+ words. Ooooo, the challenge!