Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just a little something for your reading pleasure

QUOTE OF THE DAY: EXCELLENCE is obtained if you...CARE more than others think is wise; RISK more than others think is safe; DREAM more than others think is practical; EXPECT more than others think is possible. ~Tom Peters, Author of Little Big Things

It's snowing like crazy today and my front yard looks like this blog page. It appears winter has finally decided to stay.

I just thought I'd post a little something I wrote some time ago. I was trying to see the world through my daughter's eyes, and remember those simpler times. Those things we used to do before everything was instant and digital and electronic. Before TV and Wii and cell phones. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and your Sunday and whatever else it is that makes you smile.

by Lisa Blandford

CREATE a fort with chairs and blankets
GROW a garden
CATCH some frogs
ROAST marshmallows over a campfire
SLEEP under the stars, COUNT them and WISH on the ones that fall
SAY hello to the man in the moon
HEAR the crickets play a melody
CHASE the angels
DYE Easter eggs...then HIDE them
EAT chocolate
SHARE chocolate
PICK some wildflowers for Grandma
SMELL the rain
FIND all the colors in a rainbow
LEAVE a May Day basket for the neighbors
LISTEN to the birds sing
PLAY hide and seek
FEED the squirrels
SKIP rocks on a lake
BELIEVE in the tooth fairy
HUG Mom and TELL her she's the best mom ever
THROW a ball for the dog...and WALK him, too
CHURN home made ice cream
IMAGINE what floats among the clouds
HELP Dad clean the garage
DIG up worms
TAKE a Sunday morning walk with Grandpa
SEE the sun rise
GO fishing
WADE barefoot in a creek
DISCOVER a secret hideout
READ to your brother
RIDE your bike
MAKE a wish and blow out the candle on your cake
CELEBRATE with friends
POP old fashioned popcorn
CARVE pumpkins
LET your sister go first
WATCH the sun set
BUILD a snowman...and snow angels, too
WRITE a letter to Santa
SET a good example
ENJOY growing up


  1. The nice thing about this advice is that it's timeless. Your Grandpa could give it to you, you could pass it to your kids, and they to theirs.

    Now if this had advised "ANSWER your emails promptly," or "NEVER text in anger," it would not have been a lasting piece of writing.

    As it is, it will last.

  2. You're right. And that was the point of it was to take out modern technology, and frankly, appreciate all there is without it. Thanks so much Rick!