Sunday, January 23, 2011

Twitter? Tweet? Twisted? Twerp?

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

I just finished reading Nathan Bransford's blog post on Tweeting and I'm a tad perplexed. I just got a handle on the blogging thing. I started my blog over a year ago and after not much interaction with it, I put it on hold for several months. Then I figured out you had to advertise it, so I did on facebook. To all my friends. And when I still didn't have much interaction with it, I started to check out other blogs to see what they were doing. And I commented on a few. And BOOM. People visited my blog, because, ya know, they now had a LINK. Hmmm. What a concept. Now, I don't believe I'm that technology or socially inept, but I have struggled with how to market myself and how to advertise. And I'm getting it. Really I am. You all are TERRIFIC teachers!

But then I read Nathan's blog and went CRAP! Now I have to TWEET!?

I get it. Its another form of social media that can get your name out there, that can advertise for you and work in your favor. It makes sense. It works, obviously. But wow. You've seen my hat list! Blogger and Tweeter would have to be added to that, because it would be one more thing to add to my already overflowing plate. I tell myself that I will look into the Twitter Epidemic when - I get my book written; or when I land an agent; or when I'm published. But then its too late, right? The sooner the better.

Frankly, though, for me, its one thing at a time. And right now, its blogging. If I miss the twitter boat, I guess I miss it.

How many of you tweet? And love it? How many hate it? Who out there finds it daunting and who can't live without it?


  1. I have a twitter account and I lurk on it every so often, but I don't really buy into it's hype. I understand how blogging and even Facebook can serve a purpose in establishing a presence for an aspiring author, but Twitter is simply a diversion. The writing equivalent of a sound bite. :)

  2. DL! You are my hero! I'm so glad to hear your response. I know there will be others in favor of it, but I'm glad to know not everyone Tweets!

  3. I tweeted momentarily and then said "ta ta" to that. Got nothing from it.

  4. I loved the quote of the day, btw.

  5. I've been doing Twitter and it is pretty easy. You have to manage your time if you do anything with social networks though.

    Draven Ames

  6. I tweet, and it can be a fun way to meet other writers and readers...but it can also be a MAJOR time suck. Draven is correct, you must manage your time carefully.


  7. I blog and have 2 facebook accounts (one for friends and family and one 'writers' account). I'm on twitter, and goodreads but honestly I don't spend much time on either. At least, I don't 'tweet' conversations during the day. No time! But I will stalk out agents' tweets who have my manuscript in hopes of seeing one of the talking about it. Other than that, I save tweet world for when I've got nothing better to do.

  8. I've come across some helpful links through Twitter, but I sometimes go for long periods without tweeting. It does feel like another thing to do on a list.

  9. Rick: You crack me up!

    Draven: That is my problem with blogging already - trying desperately to manage it.

    Sam: Thanks for that tip! When I get brave enough to take Twitter on I will remember that.

    Lola: And I don't have much time to get sucked up. Now why can't that work for other things you want to get rid of? :)

    Katie: You're a riot!! I see the benefit of it, but I never seem to find myself with nothing better to do!

    J.L.: And I, too, seem to be going in the wrong direction as far as the to do list! Thanks for the comment!